Sahar Jewellery can re-design your old jewelleries to a new modern elegant design only for a labour cost.

We also offer free cleaning and polishing of your old jewelleries to make it attractive again with the same brilliance as when you bought it.





Sahar Jewellery has the expertise and confidence to get your most treasured jewelleries re-designed or restored. You can choose from the latest and most unique Jewellery designs and have something crafted especially to suit your taste and personality.

Our creative professional craftsmen will transform your old jewelleries into stunning piece(s) that you will be happy and satisfied.



Re-modeling and Repair Works


 Charms soldered


 Stone matching









Our experts will help you choose something to suit your personality, taste, budget and hands. We listen to your ideas and requirements, and use our well-recognized expertise, skills, and flair to bring those ideas to life in beautifully handcrafted jewelleries.




Diamond Rings

Diamonds are almost impossible to damage, the only precaution which should be observed is to avoid two diamonds rubbing together during cleaning, as they can scratch and cause abrasion to each other.

Reasonable care should be taken not to catch diamond settings with filaments of thread, particularly strong synthetic threads which may bend claws, and loosen the stones they are meant to be securing.

To remove caked-on grease and other dirt from the backs of stones, we recommend an old toothbrush and warm soapy water.


Gold Jewelleries

High carat alloys such as 18 carat and above, will not usually become tarnished, and will not be harmed by household chemicals. Lower carat gold can be harmed by contact with chlorine based bleach and cleaning chemicals.

Chlorine can cause stress corrosion cracking in lower gold alloys of 14 carat and below, although it will be worse if the jewellery contains porosity through less than perfect manufacturing treatments. Because of this it is best to avoid cleaning your jewellery with bleach or other cleaners containing chlorine, and also to avoid wearing it when in contact with bleach.

Most gold jewellery can be cleaned in warm soapy water, and can be gently brushed if necessary using an old tooth brush.





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